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Capt Tom Bunn MSW, LCSW hosts a free fear of flying group phone counseling session every Wednesday from 10 pm until 11 pm Eastern Time (same as New York). When you sign in, instead of your real name, please use a “chat-name” which will allow you to maintain privacy and confidentiality.” Become a fear of flying chat member Register for chat We host a live chat every Wednesday at 9pm EST The chat is hosted by Lisa Hauptner MS, LMHC, CASAC and Captain Tom MSW, LCSW from 9 PM until 11 PM eastern (same as New York).

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The songs are the same as usual, we’re just trying to put our laments about the world into musical form for others to become depressed by.” To discuss these laments and the world falling apart around Propagandhi, we called up Chris at his home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for a chat... Jord (Samolesky, drummer) and I are almost 50, and you start to realise around the age of 43 that the stuff we’re doing is somewhat athletic.

Victory Lap is a phrase often used to signal a final hurrah. Any sign of physical deterioration starts to show up in the practice space, and you have to train for it more than you used to when you were a kid. If Jord blows out his knee or his elbow fuses together then we’re done.

You never know.” The opening track () goes in all guns blazing and tackles many societal topics head on in the space of three minutes.

It’s three or four songs I was working on and I thought fuck this shit, I don’t have time for this, let’s jam it all together and see what happens.” The end of that same song speaks of the rapture and suggests that we’re all fucked. “It depends what time of the day you ask me and what day of the week it is.

In general I would say that we’re headed for a societal collapse, and I’m not even sure that’s a bad thing in the long term.

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